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North Cyprus is a safe and friendly country that has strong family values. The locals welcome visitors with open arms who happily share their cultures and traditions. Thanks to the warm and comfortable climate, people tend to spend their lives outdoors and enjoy a large number of activities. The local language is Turkish but English is widely spoken. In this holiday island, the population consists of visitors and residents of all nationalities and of course local Turkish Cypriot people. The pace of life is slow and relaxed, and even though sales to foreign buyers are increasing daily, the large size of Northern Cyprus can cope with an increasing population without loss of charm and tranquility on the island.

The climate in Cyprus is mild with long summers and short winters and perfect for outdoor life all year round. The sunny days are many (on average 340 days a year) The rain that comes usually falls between November and March and helps to color the landscape in lovely green shades with flowers and trees in stunning colors. In Cyprus, it is common to keep activities outdoors, so if you are thinking of a beach wedding, training trip or casual barbecue evenings with family and friends, you can rely on good weather almost all year round. The sea temperature starts to warm up in May and quickly reaches temperatures up to 30 degrees in the middle of the summer and stays above 20 degrees long into November, so the season for water sports in Cyprus is long!

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