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The beautiful island of Cyprus, the third largest isle in the Mediterranean, has been a crossroads for many civilizations for millennia. Sandy beaches are beautifully combined with pine covered mountains offering a variety of activities and options. Cypriots are a welcoming lot.

Cyprus offers an enviable combination of climate, business and culture and many incentives for relocation. The country has an advanced economy and high human resource development index (HDI) with regards to living and quality of life.

Toimipisteet, Kypros

Habita Cyprus

Georgiu Ioannidi, 25
8036 Pafos

Puh. +357 99 060210 *

Habita Cyprus, Habita Cyprus

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Soita +358 10 5855 010, kun haluat lisätietoa asunnon myynnistä tai ilmaisen arvion.

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