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Albania, a Mediterranean country in west Balkan Peninsula. A long coastline of 446 km, shared between Adriatic and Ionian Sea, with many sandy and rock beaches to be discovered and explored. A rich country on sunny days, hospitality of his people, seaside and cities next to Alps and mountains, historical sites from prehistory times, delicious cuisine, multi religion and a many young people. Albania is a member of UN, World Trade Organization, NATO, OSCE, Council of Europe, Organization of Islamic conference and EU Candidate since 2015.

Toimipisteet, Albania

Habita Sarande

Rruga Mitat Hoxha
9701 Sarandë

Puh. +355692606153 *

Astrit Kenaci, Habita Sarande

Siirry toimipisteen sivulle

Habita Tirana

Rr. Bilal Golemi, Nd 33
1022 Tiranë

Puh. +355 689026078 *

BSML Shpk, Habita Tirana

Siirry toimipisteen sivulle

Soita +358 10 5855 010, kun haluat lisätietoa asunnon myynnistä tai ilmaisen arvion.

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