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Matti Juan Lehtinen

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Suomalainen LKV-pätevyys, Suomalainen YKV-pätevyys, Yrittäjä

+34 691 96 00 54

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Habita Costa Blanca

El Rincon de Habita -Calle Caballero de Rodas 16, 1a A

03181 Torrevieja Don Finlandes Matti Juan Lehtinen, Habita Costa Blanca
+34 865 778 444
Y-tunnus: X3534957H

Hola, I am Matti Juan, a broker-owner of Habita Costa Blanca , franchise office of Habita International Estate from Finland. I sold my first properties in Torrevieja in the year 1989 and being in business since that. Plus experience I have a professional real estate license in Finland and I can help you also in Spanish, German, and Swedish languages. Please be welcome to meet my active and effective sales team in our office. Hope to see you soon!


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