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Ghana lies at the heart of a region which has been leading sub-Saharan African culture since the first millennium BC in metalworking, mining, sculpture and agriculture. The Greenwich Meridian passes through Tema near Accra making Ghana geographically the closest to the center of the world. Late in 2010, Ghana was upgraded to a lower middle income economy status. With vast reserves of natural resources, Ghana has twice the per capita output of the poorer countries in West Africa and is one of the world’s top gold and cocoa producers. Other exports such as petroleum oil, timber, electricity, diamond, bauxite, manganese and individual remittances are major sources of foreign exchange earnings.

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The Ghanaian real estate market has seen significant expansion due to the rapid growth of the Ghanaian economy and the influx of foreign investors into the country. Demand for various types of properties is on the increase and there are high prospects for companies already operating in the industry as well as those seeking to enter the industry. Immense opportunities exist in the construction of residential houses, industrial and commercial houses as well as shopping centers, hotels and hostels for tertiary institutions

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According to local real estates experts Ghana’s hosing market is now gaining momentum boosted by strong economic growth and the influx on non-resident Ghanaians and foreign home buyers. The increasing supply of prime real estate assets makes it one of Africa’s most interesting markets for investors.

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