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About Habita

Habita offers professional real estate brokerage in Finland and abroad.

Habita is a Finnish real estate operator that has grown internationally and focuses on the brokerage of apartments, offices and business properties. Our operations started in Finland in 1989. Today, we have offices in more than 30 countries and more than 350 personnel.

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About Habita

Habita’s history in a nutshell

Habita was founded in Helsinki in 1989. From Helsinki, Habita first expanded to the rest of Finland and then to other countries. The first office outside Finland’s borders was in Spain. It opened in 2016. Today, Habita has offices in many countries, offering high-quality real estate brokerage to domestic and foreign customers.

One of the reasons behind Habita’s success is our private and independent background, which guarantees that our expertise is 100% in real estate brokerage, without ties to banks or insurance companies. Our high-level, professionally qualifying training program also applies to all our franchise entrepreneurs and their staff.

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About Habita

Habita has high customer satisfaction

Habita has already completed more than 120,000 successful housing transactions. After every apartment sale, we send a feedback survey (NPS) concerning our performance. Based on this feedback survey, 80% would recommend Habita. The rating can be considered really high and the customer can always count on receiving first-class service when entering a Habita office.

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About Habita

Habita is a responsible operator

Habita is committed to providing real estate brokerage services in Finland and abroad, always in compliance with local law and good brokerage practice. We want the customer to be able to handle the big decisions of his life safely with a professional real estate agent.

Habita also supports sports for children and young people through sponsorship.

Habita is also in cooperation with Taimiteko. This is how we contribute to curbing climate change by increasing the carbon sinks in Finland’s forests. Taimiteko employs young Finnish people to plant tree seedlings in areas that are no longer covered by active forestry or agriculture.

About Habita

Habita values

For us, Habita’s values are principles according to which we work and manage our offices. Values guide us, for example, when facing customers or working in a team with a colleague. Habita’s values have been chosen in the way that they reflect us the best, and we are committed to these values.

Team work

Although real estate agents compete with colleagues for sales results, it does not mean that you have to do the sales transaction alone. At Habita, even challenging issues and situations are solved together. You don’t have to stay alone with challenges, but together we get results that also please the customer.

Desire to grow

Habita has a strong desire to grow as a company, but its employees also have a desire to grow and develop. Habita has its own training program for real estate agents, supervisors and entrepreneurs. Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran, there’s always an opportunity to learn something new and develop yourself.


We do sales work with a big heart and we want to achieve results. We move forward purposefully and commit to agreed tasks.

Customer focus

We are in the customer service industry and thatis also reflected in our daily operations. We handle things with honor to the finish line. We always keep the customer informed during the sale and purchase process. We don’t forget the customer even after the deals.


The customer can rely on us selling with good brokerage practices. You can trust us when buying a home in any situation.


We have no hidden costs or fine print in contracts. We tell everything openly and clearly, avoiding misunderstanding. From us, the customer gets a direct answer to all questions. This also applies to everyday supervisory work.


We talk about things directly and clearly. We can say and justify things as they are.


About Habita

Habita employees

We offer our employees a high-level Habita training program. Training is available for those starting a real estate brokerage career, veterans, entrepreneurs and front-line employees. At Habita you have the opportunity to develop and progress. For example, you can start your career as a novice and as your skills develop, open your own Habita office.

Employee turnover at Habita is exceptionally low for the industry. The reason is a good and encouraging work atmosphere, a fair salary system, fun recreation days and other benefits that can be agreed on a country-by-country basis.

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