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Albania, a Mediterranean country in west Balkan Peninsula. A long coastline of 446 km, shared between Adriatic and Ionian Sea, with many sandy and rock beaches to be discovered and explored. A rich country on sunny days, hospitality of his people, seaside and cities next to Alps and mountains, historical sites from prehistory times, delicious cuisine, multi religion and a many young people. Albania is a member of UN, World Trade Organization, NATO, OSCE, Council of Europe, Organization of Islamic conference and EU Candidate since 2015.

Offices in Albania

Habita Sarande

Rruga Mitat Hoxha
9701 Sarandë

Puh. +355692606153 *

Astrit Kenaci, Habita Sarande

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Habita Tirana

Rr. Bilal Golemi, Nd 33
1022 Tiranë

Puh. +355 689026078 *

BSML Shpk, Habita Tirana

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