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Buy a property in Albania.

Our dedicated team will help you find the right property or real estate investment in Albania, Buy a property in Albania and enjoy many sunny days in Mediterranean.

Buy an apartment in Tirana, Vlora, Saranda Durres

We have different apartments in Albania

Invest in Albania

There are plenty of opportunities to invest in Real estate properties in Albania. Check our property portfolio and drop us a request.

Vacation and Summer properties

We have a perfect apartment to buy or rent. Contact us for any request you may have.

Detached house

Offices in Albania

Habita Tirana

Habita Tirana

Rruga Robert Shvarc,
Nd 22, Ap 7/7
1021 Tiranë

Habita Vlore

Habita Vlore

Zona Uji I Ftohte, Rruga Dhimiter Konomi
9402 Vlorë