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Sell or rent your real estate in Estonia

Habita real estate agency was founded in Finland, Helsinki, in 1989, and it is the biggest private real estate agency in Finland with 30 offices around the country. The agency grows and expands quickly beyond Finland, and today, besides 30 offices in Finland, we have already opened 30 Habita offices around Europe and the whole world. One of them is in Estonia, Tallinn.

A reliable and professional real estate agent in Estonia

Our Estonian real estate agents have extensive, over 15 years’ experience in real estate transactions, and we offer the next services in Tallinn and in Estonia:

• purchase and sale of residential real estate

• lease of residential real estate

• purchase and sale of commercial real estate

• lease of commercial real estate

• rental property management

• free consultation and calculation of the cost of your property and giving selling advice.

We offer service in your own language

Selling an apartment is the biggest and most important deal in life for many people. But a language barrier can often cause a deal to fail. That is why our team is able to speak different languages and will be able to assist throughout the sale or rent of a property to foreign buyers and tenants.

Selling and renting your property through internal and international sites gives a big advantage

Our experienced real estate agents do everything to make the process of selling or renting your property smooth and quick, and in order to speed up the process of selling or renting, we will advertise your property not only on the local, Estonian, market, but also on 120 international real estate websites, where Habita has offices. Besides that, the colleagues of every Habita office cooperate with each other, thus making sure that the international clients can also reach the local real estate market and get the best service.

Detached house

Offices in Estonia

Habita Tallinn

Habita Tallinn

Kloostrimetsa tee 56a
11913 Tallinn

Service fees

When we sign a representation contract with you, we take care of everything from start to finish. You do not need to worry about remembering things, this is our everyday work and we have done this for decades. Our fee structure is completely transparent and we have no hidden fees. As an example, we charge official papers without any added processing costs.


Brokerage commissions

Brokerage commission seller, property 4,56% (inc. VAT) min. 2.200 €
Brokerage commission buyer, share in housing co-operative 3,6% (inc. VAT) min. 1200 €
Brokerage commission seller, property 4,56% (inc. VAT) min. 2.200 €
Brokerage commission seller, share in housing co-operative 4,56% (inc. VAT) min. 2.200 €

Other fees

Rental fee 1 month`s rent + VAT
Other fees Rental property managmenet service - 1 month`s rent + VAT

The fee is calculated from the debt-free price. Legal document costs will be charged separately.