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Buying an apartment

Buying an apartment is smooth, when you have a professional real estate agent to help you. More than 300 industry professionals work at Habita in more than 30 different countries. You can always get help with buying and selling properties by contacting us or by stepping into a Habita office.

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Ask us for help in buying an apartment

Whether you’re planning to move into a new apartment or buy a vacation house in your home country or abroad, we’re here at Habita to help you in changing life situations. Through us, you buy an apartment safely and we keep you informed throughout the entire purchase process. Tell us what kind of an apartment you need, and we will start searching for it.


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How to buy a home?

The need to buy an apartment usually initiates from an event in your life. Your family grows, a desire to invest is born, or changes in your life are examples of situations in which buying a new apartment is often due. When searching for a new apartment, the criteria are already clear to most apartment buyers. If you still don’t know what kind of apartment you need, you should consider at least the following points:

  • Are you looking for a single-family house, terraced house, semi-detached house, or apartment building?
  • Condition of the apartment
  • The location of the apartment
  • Number of rooms
  • Size of the apartment
  • Apartment utility costs
  • The Energy efficiency of the apartment
  • Possible renovations of the apartment

Figuring out your own housing budget is important before you decide to view potential apartments. If you need additional financing, it is worth checking with the bank what kind of a mortgage you can get. The most desirable apartments sell quickly, and with financing you ensure that the seller will consider your offer. Habita’s Real Estate Agents will present the most suitable apartments for you and, if possible, we will also arrange private viewings. If you cannot find a suitable apartment with us, contact us and we will find one for you. We’ll turn on Habita’s property alert for you. It will keep you updated on apartments for sale before anyone else.

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Apartments for sale

You can find our apartments for sale on our website. We also use more than 120 global marketing portals for extended reach. You can browse apartments for sale online or you can enter any Habita office. There you will find a professional real estate agent with local knowledge to help you.

You can always see the apartments for sale on location. We organize aprtment viewings, which you can attend without registering. A Habita real estate agent will be there to answer questions about the apartment. If necessary, we also organize private apartment viewings.

Search for apartments for sale

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Apartment purchase offer

When you find your dream apartment, you can make a purchase offer. You can make it at any time and a Habita real estate agent will help you make the offer. The purchase offer for an apartment proceeds differently depending on the country. With the help of Habita’s local real estate agent, making a purchase offer is easy and effortless.

Whenever you want to make a purchase offer for an apartment, it must be done in writing. Signatures are required from both the buyer and the seller. This creates security for both parties of the transaction. You can check the country-specific policies from your local Habita real estate agent.


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Realized purchase prices of apartments

The same rules apply to the pricing of apartments, regardless of the country. The most important thing in pricing is the location of the apartment. For example an unrenovated one-room apartment in the center of the capital can be the same price or even more valuable than a renovated two-room apartment located 10 kilometers from the center. The price estimate also takes into account, among other things, statistics, the market situation, the price level of the area and the condition of the apartment. Realized purchase prices of apartments vary depending on the market situation.

In addition to the market situation, the development of apartment prices is influenced by, for example, the development of the residential area, the services in the area and the popularity of the area as a place to live. The pricing and price development of apartments is made up of a combination of a multitude of factors.

If, in addition to buying an apartment, you are selling an apartment, you should always ask for the help of a professional to estimate the price of the apartment. From Habita, you will receive a free verbal price estimate and we will also prepare a free marketing plan, which could then be used to sell the apartment.


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How we help you in buying an apartment

We will help you from the search for an apartment all the way until the questions that arise after the transaction. We will also give you a free price estimate of your current apartment. If you don’t immediately find an apartment that meets your criteria, then by contacting us, we will keep you informed about new apartments that are for sale. If you wish, we will create a property alert for you with Habita’s alert service, which will send you a message as soon as a new apartment matching your search criteria is coming up for sale.

If you find an apartment you like on Habita, we will arrange a viewing for you as soon as possible. At the viewing, you can get to know the apartment on the spot and you can see the premises in more detail. In general, the photos do not give a proper overall picture of the property. Only on location will you know if the apartment is your future new home.


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Purchase of a vacation home

Having your own leisure apartment is the dream of many. It’s wonderful to escape everyday life to your own haven in the middle of the forest, at the foot of the ski slopes or by the sea. You can also renovate and decorate your own holiday home as you wish, and everything is always ready for your next stay. You don’t have to pack a suitcase, you can go on vacation without planning if you wish.

It makes the most sense to buy a holiday home abroad using a reliable local real estate agent. The country’s legislation and practices may differ a lot from those in the home country. Habita has offices in more than 30 countries, we know the practices of different countries and know the local language. We will be happy to help you find and buy a vacation home. You can find both leisure apartments and permanent apartments around the world with us.

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How does Habita’s property alert service work?

You can always contact your local Habita real estate agent if you are looking for a new apartment. We will find you the apartment of your dreams free of charge and set up a property alert for you. With Habita’s property alert service, you will receive a message whenever an apartment matching your criteria is coming up for sale. You will receive information about a new apartment for sale before it goes to public sale, i.e. marketing portals and our website.

Start setting up a property alert on the Habita homepage. Enter your own search criteria in the fields and click the ”save as property alert” link. Enter your email address and click the save watch service button. You will also receive a confirmation link in your e-mail, which you can click to confirm Habita’s property alert service. As a return message, you will also receive a link through which you can cancel Habita’s property alert. Habita’s property alert is valid for four months and you discontinue it or start a new one at any time.

Can't find a suitable apartment? The apartment of your dreams may just be coming up for sale.

Don't you know where you could find a new home? Habita's real estate agents have the best local knowledge and years of professional expertise. Trust us in your housing matters and contact us, and we will start the housing search for you. Fill out the attached form and our representative will contact you or call us at +358 10 5855 010 and we'll talk right away.

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