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Habita, which has expanded from Finland to more than 40 countries, specializes in brokering apartments, offices and business properties. Our more than 30-year history is marked by high customer satisfaction, which is built on many factors. Selling prices that our customers are satisfied with, and the professionalism of our brokers are the cornerstones of our service. They are maintained by Habita's uniform way of working - regardless of market cycles and business regions.

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Sell with Habita

Habita Real Estate Agents - we are always a phone call away

Upon request, Habita gives a valuation of your property or apartment and an estimation of the number of people interested in it - always completely free of charge.

We always arrive at the assessment visit promptly and thoroughly prepared. The verbal price estimate we give is based on an in-depth understanding of the real estate market, data analysis of completed deals, and our local brokers’ knowledge of their home region. This dedication has taken Habita to more than 40 countries in 30 years.

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  3. We prepare a sales plan for the appraisal visit, so that we can start selling the property at your earliest convenience.

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