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Free valuation visit, in the blink of an eye

Habita, which has expanded from Finland to more than 40 countries, specializes in brokering apartments, offices and business properties. Our more than 30-year history is marked by high customer satisfaction, which is built on many factors. Selling prices that our customers are satisfied with, and the professionalism of our brokers are the cornerstones of our service. They are maintained by Habita's uniform way of working - regardless of market cycles and business regions.

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Oral and written price estimate

What does an apartment evaluation cost?

A free price estimate of an apartment means a verbal price estimate of an apartment share or real estate, which also includes a sales plan made for the apartment being evaluated. Written price estimates of apartments and real estate are subject to a fee. You can check the prices in Habita's different countries in our price list. Verbal and written price estimates are always made thoroughly. The most realistic price estimate that corresponds to the market situation can be obtained if the representative can evaluate the property on the spot.

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Selling an apartment on Habita

How is the value of the apartment calculated?

The value of the apartment is always calculated as a whole, which takes into account, among other things:

  • statistics of similar apartments sold
  • prevailing market situation
  • residential area and its development
  • location in the residential area and in the company
  • condition of the property

Habita's Realtors know how to evaluate apartments with solid local knowledge and knowledge of the housing market.


Habita's customer feedback

Why choose Habita to sell your apartment?

Habita has always had high customer satisfaction. We always measure customer satisfaction with a feedback survey sent after housing transactions. Below are some feedbacks from customers:

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Habita's customer feedback

Some feedbacks from customers


His promptness and efficiency impressed me

“The agent handled the deals, contacts, documents, etc. to a greater extent than we could have hoped for. His promptness and efficiency impressed me. It was important to us that we were able to sell our own apartment quickly when the new home was bought. It could be that without the broker's negotiation skills, I would have missed out on making a deal for a new home, thank you.”


A really great broker! So happy, sunny and warm

“A really great broker! So happy, sunny and warm. It was really nice to do business with the broker and you can contact him about any matter. Was easily accessible. Most of all, I thank you for your kindness! A great person.”


“Everything went smoothly“

“The agent managed to sell our house in Oulu in February and I must say that he handled the job to the very last detail. The agent knew what he was doing and kept us well informed. Everything went smoothly and in all respects we are really satisfied with the broker’s work.”

“Very quickly we found a wonderful plot”

“Very quickly we found a wonderful plot of land in the desired area through a purchase order! I strongly recommend contacting a Habita broker in matters of house or plot sales! Thank you again for the good service!”

“The broker was an active and efficient seller!“

“The broker was an active and efficient seller! Always answered immediately if the customer had a question, and there was no need to wait. Good customer service!”

“The broker acted very service-mindedly“

“The broker acted very service-mindedly and friendly. He also found out about things and everything was handled smoothly.”

“Dealing with the broker was a very positive experience”

“The agent came to evaluate our apartment and to show us to a new apartment. Although we did not end up selling our apartment and buying a new one so far, dealing with the broker was a very positive experience. He was not in a hurry, but he had time to freely answer our questions and focus on our situation and needs. He does his work with an honest and professional approach, meeting the customers warmly. I recommend Habita’s broker for help with housing transactions, whether the customer is looking for a new home or a buver for their own home”

“He looked for answers to the questions that puzzled our minds“

“Thank vou to the broker for the quick sale of our own apartment and for the help in acquiring a new apartment! Both processes went well and we felt that we could trust the broker. He looked for answers to the questions that puzzled our minds and found effective solutions for the measures after the condition inspection of the new apartment. We have recommended Habita’s brokers to people living in our area who are planning to sell their own apartment.”

Selling an apartment on Habita

Prices of completed housing transactions

The prices of completed transactions can be seen from the price tracking service of the Central Association of Real Estate Brokerage, which can only be accessed by professionals in the field. Realized sales prices of apartments are different from sales prices on sales websites. Realized apartment transaction prices may be more or less than the asking price of the apartment.

The seller of the apartment decides at what price he wants to sell the apartment. The buyer makes an offer for the apartment for the amount he wants, but the seller makes the sale decision himself.

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Sell with Habita

Habita Real Estate Agents - we are always a phone call away

Upon request, Habita gives a valuation of your property or apartment and an estimation of the number of people interested in it - always completely free of charge.

We always arrive at the assessment visit promptly and thoroughly prepared. The verbal price estimate we give is based on an in-depth understanding of the real estate market, data analysis of completed deals, and our local brokers’ knowledge of their home region. This dedication has taken Habita to more than 40 countries in 30 years.

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