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Services for construction companies

Comprehensive real estate brokerage for construction companies

Habita has years of experience in selling new properties and cooperating with construction companies of different sizes. We offer real estate brokerage services that are tailored to the project to be sold, which include comprehensive services so that our partners only need to focus on building. Satisfaction with Habita is high, which is reflected in long customer relationships. With over 30 years of experience in selling new properties, we can guarantee that Habita's properties for sale will also sell.

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Real estate brokerage for construction firms

People are looking for homes through Habita all the time

We give our view on what kind of homes our customers are currently looking for. From our comprehensive customer register, we can tell you what is worthwhile building, where it is worthwhile building and at what price real estate should be built. We are aware of the zoning of different areas as well as our partners' construction costs and construction-related profit expectations. We sell new properties at the best possible price and the properties will not be without new residents. Each of our locations has a professional for the sale of new properties.

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Services for construction companies

As our partner, you only focus on construction

Habita has comprehensive service packages for construction companies. Our real estate brokerage services are always completely customizable for the property or project in question. Habita's real estate brokerage services for developers always include:

  • Market surveys
  • Customer profiling
  • Planning and pricing assistance
  • Marketing and sales plan
  • Comprehensive marketing and sales of the property
  • New project events for customers
  • Document management
  • Regular reporting
New houses

Sale of new properties

What to build?

Habita's professionals specializing in new construction projects give their views on which properties are in high demand now and in the future. Our information is based on our comprehensive customer register, years of real estate brokerage work and the data collected from it. We always have up-to-date information about the land planning of the areas and we know what kind of projects are profitable.

If necessary, we offer planning and pricing assistance to our partners. We understand the profit expectations of construction companies and give our up-to-date view of the market price level. We tell you what price and what kinds of apartments are in great demand, as well as the most sought-after and popular residential areas in the cities. We also have data on resident and buyer profiles of different residential areas, which are always updated according to trends, housing preferences and urban planning.

New apartments

Habita real estate brokerage

Sales and marketing of a new property

We always prepare a marketing and sales plan for a new project. In marketing, in addition to our own websites, we use more than 120 housing portals, paid and targeted social media advertising and search engine advertising. The housing portals include the most popular domestic and foreign housing portals. If necessary, we also take care of the project's high-quality and modern brochures, professional video and photography, and billboard advertising based on the target group.

Each new project has its own landing page on the Habita website, from which the customer can download the project documents and get to know the apartments in the project in more detail. You can contact a Habita representative directly.

Selling a property always includes all our real estate brokerage services, including:

  • Regular reporting as agreed
  • Document management
  • Liaison between the buyer, the authorities and the developer
  • New production evenings at the beginning of the project and during it
  • General and private apartment presentations
  • Sales and tender negotiations
  • Transaction event

Services for construction companies

Habita is a professional at selling newly built properties

At Habita, you will find professionals trained in the sale of new projects. They understand the needs and challenges of selling new properties. A representative specializing in selling new apartments can be found at each of our offices.

Naturally, the customer also gets help from us in selling the old apartment. The buyer of a new apartment almost always has the sale of the old apartment as a hindrance to the deal. Habita's brokers help with the sale of the old apartment so that neither party to the transaction is burdened by unnecessary costs and expenses during the project.


Habita customers

A reliable and professional real estate agent

Habita has more than 30 years of experience in real estate brokerage. Over these years, our sales processes have been honed to their current form. What is important to us is not only a successful housing transaction, but also that each party to the transaction is satisfied. We are very proud of high customer satisfaction and we want to maintain a high level of service for both our customers and our partners.

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Habita Real Estate Agents

Seamless cooperation between intermediaries

We know the local market and know how to help international buyers with our extensive branch network. At Habita, cooperation between brokers works across borders. We know the international buyers of the local market who are looking for, for example, an investment or leisure apartment. From us, the customer always receives project brochures in his own language, and if possible, also service in his own language.

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