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Sales Director

John Kivinen

English Finnish Russian Swedish Ukranian

Habita Licensed Real Estate Agent

+358 50 4200004

Maija International Software

Elimäenkatu 17-19
00510 Helsinki Maija International Software Oy LTD, Maija International Software
+358 50 420 0000
Business ID: 0758223-4

I worked in the field of hospitality from 1977 to 2018 in Finland, Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Cameroon, Ghana and Namibia. I joined Habita in 2020 with the main objective of finding franchisees for our international chain expansion.

Our business is based on personal customer service and a strong IT skills. All sales and marketing have changed in recent years. The broker must be able to respond quickly to market changes.

International Real Estate Agent In 2016, Habita opened its first offices abroad. Currently we have offices in 28 countries and more will surely come. Internationalization gives a broader understanding of real estate brokerage.

We serve our customers in selling, buying and renting an apartment. We also sell and rent business premises and also pass on business.

Looking for franchisees Do you want to create your own future within real-estate and do business locally and globally?

Become a franchisee in Habita’s quarter century old chain, you will become a part of the growing family. This will mean a safer and less risky start of your dream on local or international level. A carefully developed and tested concept will evolve over time and you will be part of the team to develop it with other professionals within the system.

We have a top notch IT system, with which you can market all your listings locally as well as internationally in every Habita country. You can also guide your employees to achieve their best from day one.

Habita’s flexible concept will guarantee you your piece of mind to operate in your region without internal competition. We'll provide constant support in IT and practical matters as well as the intensive and continuous training. You can take listings locally and regionally, as well as internationally.

You can also sell properties/listings from all over our network, and you will get your share of the commission. Even if you never saw the actual property.

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