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Welcome to Habita Algarve! If you are looking for a buy, sell or rent the property in Portugal? Our professional international team are here to help you to fulfil your dream in sunny southern Portugal, Algarve!

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A big deal, we make it easy for you.

Our real estate agents serve you professionally in all housing matters. Buy, sell or rent, ask us for a competitive and free price estimate. We serve you personally and with confidence. The international cooperation of Habita's offices covers both domestic and foreign destinations

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Av. Tomaz Cabreira, Edificio Dom Quixote, Loja D. Praia De Rocha
8500-802 Portimão

+351 9186 96380

Habita-LKV. Portugal Unipessoal Lda, Habita Algarve
Business ID: AMI - 12005

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Mia Heinonen

Mia Heinonen

English Finnish Portuguese
Sales Director
Habita Algarve
Rui Neves

Rui Neves

English Portuguese French
Real Estate Agent
Habita Algarve
Antonio Martins

Antonio Martins

English Portuguese German French
Sales Representative
Habita Algarve
Myriam Bellebon

Myriam Bellebon

English French
Sales assistant
Habita Algarve
Joanne Mortimer

Joanne Mortimer

Sales Secretary
Habita Algarve
On sick leave
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Open positions

We are constantly hiring both experienced sales professionals and beginners who are enthusiastic about sales. Habita's advantages include great colleagues and the unique Habita Training program, which guarantees that your skills are always up to date. Apply for a job vacancy or send an open job application, and we will contact you.

Sales Secretary

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Brokerage commissions

Establishment of a sales contract 5 %

The fee is calculated from the debt-free price. Legal document costs will be charged separately.