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Habita Seinäjoki

Professional real estate agency

We have been operating in Seinäjoki for 14 years. We have the best local knowledge in the area and solid experience in real estate brokerage. We keep you informed as the sale or purchase process progresses, so you can focus only on packing your moving boxes.

Sale and purchase of an apartment

At Habita, the sale of an apartment is based not only on the broker's professionalism and knowledge of the area, but also on data and market knowledge. When you put your apartment up for sale through us, not only does it go to the most popular market channels, but the apartment also goes on sale on Habita's international sales portal, where there are buyers from all over the world. Many buyers have Habita's search alert on all the time, and when a suitable property comes up for sale, the buyer gets first-hand information about it.

Free home evaluation

At your request, we will always do a free housing evaluation of your apartment. We have also prepared a sales plan for you, which will be used to sell the apartment. Come to our office or call us, and we'll take care of your housing issues.

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Home exchange

A big deal, we make it easy for you.

Our real estate agents serve you professionally in all housing matters. Buy, sell or rent, ask us for a competitive and free price estimate. We serve you personally and with confidence. The international cooperation of Habita's offices covers both domestic and foreign destinations

Contact information

Kalevankatu 5
60100 Seinäjoki

010 585 5440

Vaasan Habita Oy, Habita Seinäjoki
Business ID: 1971383-6

Open house

Are you interested in a free home valuation?

  1. Fill out the form below and we will arrange a meeting.
  2. Our agent will contact you without delay and arrange a valuation visit at a time that suits you.
  3. We prepare a sales plan for the appraisal visit, so that we can start selling the property at your earliest convenience.

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Ville Rauhala

Ville Rauhala

English Finnish
Sales Manager
Habita Seinäjoki
Finnish real estate qualification, Notary
Mikael Matihalti

Mikael Matihalti

English Finnish
Real Estate Agent
Habita Seinäjoki
Finnish real estate qualification
Thomas Olin

Thomas Olin

English Finnish Norwegian Swedish
Regional Manager
Habita Seinäjoki
Finnish real estate qualification, Notary

Latest properties

Service fees

Brokerage commissions

Brokerage commission seller, property 4,96 % (inc. VAT) min. 4.000 €. Outside the site plan 5.500 (inc. VAT).
Establishment of a sales contract 390 €
Brokerage commission seller, share in housing co-operative 4,26% (inc. VAT) min. 3.500 €

Other fees

Written assessment of share in Housing co-operative From 744 € (inc VAT) + document fees
Written assessment of property From 1.240 € (inc VAT) + document fees.
Rental fee 1 month`s rent + VAT 24 %. Min 496 € (inc. VAT).

The fee is calculated from the debt-free price. Legal document costs will be charged separately.