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The best real estate agency in Vaasa with years of experience. Vaasan Habita offers highly reliable real estate agency and professional real estate agents. We are Finland's largest private real estate agency, where real estate professionals work. Among us, you will surely find a real estate agent to your liking.

We offer sale and purchase service of apartments, properties and offices in Vaasa. We have been doing real estate brokerage and property rental since 1989. Habita is a national operator that also sells and rents holiday apartments and second homes in many interesting foreign destinations.

Experienced Real Estate Agents in Vaasa

We have expertise in the field of sales, from smaller condominiums to more valuable properties. Experienced and trained real estate agents will help you in all phases of the housing transaction. Habita's real estate agents in Vaasa work together to advertise apartments for sale to potential buyers.

You can get a free price estimate of the property for sale from us, as well as a professional real estate agent to help you with real estate brokerage. Habita also markets apartments for sale through its comprehensive customer register, where thousands are looking for a new apartment. We guarantee effective marketing of the apartment and active presentation of the property. Real estate agents also handle all the necessary documents for the apartment sale.

Vaasa Real Estate Agency and rental service

Our real estate agents serve not only apartment sellers but also apartment buyers. A Habita representative will show you the properties for sale that best meet your needs. If necessary, we organize private house presentations. We know the residential areas of Vaasa and take your wishes into account when looking for a new home for you. We help in all matters related to changing apartments and buying a new home.

We also serve landlords and look for reliable tenants for your apartment. The Habita rental service includes, among other things, credit and job evaluation of the renter and preparation of the rental agreement. You can also get help from us in problem situations. We present Vaasa rental apartments on our website as well, and you can bring the completed rental apartment application with you to the apartment presentation.

Vaasa is a versatile city and real estate trade in the area is often busy. Our real estate agents tell you more about the housing market situation in the Vaasa region and the development of different residential areas. We are happy to answer the questions of apartment sellers, buyers and apartment investors about real estate brokerage.

We offer high-quality and comprehensive services for real estate brokerage. You can trust our expertise and our ability to sell your apartment at the best price. Contact our real estate agents in Vaasa when you are thinking about selling, renting or buying a new apartment.

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A big deal, we make it easy for you.

Our real estate agents serve you professionally in all housing matters. Buy, sell or rent, ask us for a competitive and free price estimate. We serve you personally and with confidence. The international cooperation of Habita's offices covers both domestic and foreign destinations

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Kauppapuistikko 10
65100 Vaasa

010 585 5700

Vaasan Habita Oy, Habita Vaasa
Business ID: 1971383-6

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Thomas Olin

Thomas Olin

English Finnish Norwegian Swedish
Regional Manager
Habita Vaasa
Finnish real estate qualification, Notary
Anu Rosenlindt

Anu Rosenlindt

English Finnish German French Swedish
Real Estate Agent
Habita Vaasa
Finnish real estate qualification
Marika Kotimäki

Marika Kotimäki

English Finnish Swedish
Sales Representative
Habita Vaasa
Mika Sillanpää

Mika Sillanpää

English Finnish Swedish
Sales Representative
Habita Vaasa

Service fees

Brokerage commissions

Brokerage commission seller, property 4,96 % (inc. VAT) min. 4.000 €. Outside the site plan 5.500 (inc. VAT).
Establishment of a sales contract 390 €
Brokerage commission seller, share in housing co-operative 4,26% (inc. VAT) min. 3.500 €

Other fees

Written assessment of share in Housing co-operative From 744 € (inc VAT) + document fees
Written assessment of property From 1.240 € (inc VAT) + document fees.
Rental fee 1 month`s rent + VAT 24 %. Min 496 € (inc. VAT).

The fee is calculated from the debt-free price. Legal document costs will be charged separately.