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Real estate brokerage deeper than the surface area

Habita, which has expanded from Finland to more than 40 countries, specializes in brokering apartments, offices and business properties. Our more than 30-year history is marked by high customer satisfaction, which is built on many factors. Selling prices that our customers are satisfied with, and the professionalism of our brokers are the cornerstones of our service. They are maintained by Habita's uniform way of working - regardless of market cycles and business regions.

Why are people particularly satisfied with Habita?

Determining the optimal sales price has a decisive influence on both the sales time and the realized selling price. That's why we carefully analyze the local market and all relevant variables that can increase or decrease the realized sales price.

We use numerous sources to determine the sales price, as the data collected from thousands of Habita sales locations and a database of completed sales in the area are combined with the vision of our brokers. Thanks to sufficient data, the asking price always corresponds as closely as possible to the real market situation.

Our know-how can be enjoyed by our customers - and only our customers. Habita is private and completely independent from the interests of financial and insurance institutions, so our expertise and passion is 100% in real estate brokerage. And that's the same figure as in our latest customer satisfaction survey.

Habita agents follow good brokerage practices

As part of our drive to satisfaction, we guarantee that the terms of sale and the completion of the transaction comply with every legal clause and good brokerage practice down to the last detail. We also invest in accessibility. First of all, so that each of our sales targets reaches potential buyers with the help of marketing and our agency network. And secondly, accessibility means that our brokers are constantly reachable – even after trades.

Habita Real Estate Agents

- we are always a phone call away

You can always get in touch with your Habita agent. However, you probably don't have to, as our brokers will keep you closely informed of how the sale is progressing. And with us it does progress.

In the end, the choice of broker is often determined by whom the chemistry is with. So, when you're selling, order a completely free appraisal visit to your property - it doesn't obligate you to anything. Whoever you meet from Habita, you will notice that you should start packing the moving boxes already.

This is how to start the sale of your home

  1. Fill out the form below and we will arrange a meeting.
  2. Our agent will contact you without delay and arrange a valuation visit at a time that suits you.
  3. We prepare a sales plan for the appraisal visit, so that we can start selling the property at your earliest convenience.

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