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We are an international player in the real estate industry and have had a strong influence in Finland for more than 30 years. We are Finland's largest private real estate agent, and we have no ties to banks or insurance companies. We mainly act as intermediaries for residential and holiday homes as well as business premises and commercial properties. We care about holistic ownership rather than rental housing.

Our real estate agents will always help you. From Helsinki to Kittilä, you can find us in different places. Our service is uncomplicated and expert. We believe in our customers' personal service, accurate regional market information and modern tools and marketing channels. In our work, we effortlessly combine the latest technology and personal service. We mainly face our customers face to face whenever it is easiest. We also bring with you your most accurate information area on the value of homes. This is how the sale of your home moves forward. Ask the best expert in your area to let him determine the current value of your apartment or even your holiday home! At the same time, you will receive reliable information on how many potential buyers for your apartment can already be found in Habita's own customer register.

Because selling a home is the biggest deal of a lifetime for many of us, Habita is assisted by experienced and trained professionals. We have a strong, unified way of providing housing in Habitassao. This means to you that in addition to your own representative, every Habitat will market your home professionally ahead. With this, we guarantee you strong and effective sales procedures. You can be sure that things will move forward quickly and without worries! For us, habitalism always means common success.

Oficinas en Finlandia

Habita Ullanlinna

Korkeavuorenkatu 3
00140 Helsinki

Puh. 010 585 5800 *

Etelä-Helsingin Habita Oy, Habita Ullanlinna

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Habita Oulu

Kansankatu 53 T 4
90100 Oulu

Puh. 010 585 5910 *

Pohjois-Suomen Habita Oy, Habita Oulu

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Habita Seinäjoki

Kalevankatu 5
60100 Seinäjoki

Puh. 010 585 5440 *

Seinäjoen Habita Oy, Habita Seinäjoki

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Habita Mäntsälä

Keskuskatu 12
04600 Mäntsälä

Puh. 010 585 5690 *

Porvoon Habita Oy, Habita Mäntsälä

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Habita Lahti

Mariankatu 12
15110 Lahti

Puh. 010 585 5880 *

Porvoon Habita Oy, Habita Lahti

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Habita Joensuu

Kauppakatu 32
80100 Joensuu

Puh. 010 5855 750 *

Kiinteistönvälitys Helin Oy, Habita Joensuu

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Habita Turku

Linnankatu 37
20100 Turku

Puh. 010 585 5340 *

Turun Habita Oy, Habita Turku

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Habita Järvenpää

Tupalantie 2 A (Tornitalo)
04400 Järvenpää

Puh. 010 585 5850 *

Järvenpään Habita Oy, Habita Järvenpää

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Habita Levi

Skimbaajankuja 7 C4.1
99130 Sirkka

Puh. 010 5855799 *

Pohjois-Suomen Habita Oy, Habita Levi

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Habita Raahe

Kirkkokatu 33
92100 Raahe

Puh. 010 585 5120 *

Pohjois-Suomen Habita Oy, Habita Raahe

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Habita Rovaniemi

Rovakatu 40
96200 Rovaniemi

Puh. 010 5855 790 *

Pohjois-Suomen Habita Oy, Habita Rovaniemi

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Habita Valkeakoski / Tampere

Kauppatori 5
37600 Valkeakoski

Puh. 010 585 5530 *

Walkia LKV Oy, Habita Valkeakoski

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Habita Vaasa

Kauppapuistikko 10
65100 Vaasa

Puh. 010 585 5700 *

Vaasan Habita Oy, Habita Vaasa

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Habita Kemi

Meripuistokatu 7
94100 Kemi

Puh. 010 585 5780 *

Pohjois-Suomen Habita Oy, Habita Kemi

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Habita Lappeenranta

Kauppakatu 23
53100 Lappeenranta

Puh. 010 585 5730 *

Lappeenrannan Habita Oy, Habita Lappeenranta

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Habita Porvoo

Lundinkatu 10
06100 Porvoo

Puh. 010 585 5840 *

Porvoon Habita Oy, Habita Porvoo

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Habita Loviisa

Kuningattarenkatu 16
07900 Loviisa

Puh. 010 585 5550 *

Porvoon Habita Oy, Habita Loviisa

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Habita Vantaa

Kielotie 14
01300 Vantaa

Puh. 010 585 5890 *

Vantaan Habita Oy, Habita Vantaa

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Habita Kotka

Keskuskatu 5
48100 Kotka

Puh. 010 585 5540 *

Kymen Habita Oy, Habita Kotka

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Habita Tornio

Laivurinkatu 2-4
95400 Tornio

Puh. +358 40 079 6607 *

Rajakoti Oy, Habita Tornio

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Habita Jyväskylä

Hannikaisenkatu 10
40100 Jyväskylä

Puh. 010 585 5250 *

Kiinteistönvälitys Helin Oy, Habita Jyväskylä

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Habita Tapiola

Tapiontori 1
02100 Espoo

Puh. 010 585 5820 *

Espoon Habita Oy, Habita Tapiola

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Habita Palokka

Saarijärventie 50-52
40270 Palokka

Puh. 010 5855 552 *

Marjanen LKV Oy, Habita Palokka

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Habita Kouvola

Kouvolankatu 22
45100 Kouvola

Puh. 010 585 5270 *

Kymen Habita Oy, Habita Kouvola

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Habita Sipoo

Iso Kylätie 23
04130 Sipoo

Puh. 010 585 5370 *

Porvoon Habita Oy, Habita Sipoo

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Habita Helsinki

Elimäenkatu 17-19
00510 Helsinki

Puh. 010 585 5420 *

Helsingin Habita Oy, Habita Helsinki

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Habita Tampere

Lapintie 4
33100 Tampere

Puh. 010 5855 870 *

Tammerkoti LKV Oy, Habita Tampere

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Llame al +358 10 5855 010 para obtener más información sobre la venta de su casa o solicitar una valoración gratuita de la propiedad.

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