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Are you dreaming about a new home? Ask for a free valuation. We'll sell your current home and help you find a new home! The valuation is free of charge and has non-obligations.

Start by filling out the following form and send it to us. We'll contact you promptly.

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Habita - це надійний інвестиційний партнер

Investing in real estate opportunities abroad is becoming more and more interesting to today’s clients. Clients turn to Habita first and foremost for the reason that we are an independent and safe operator in the international real estate world.

Our extensive experience and lengthy clientele relationships guarantee that we have the capabilities required in today’s increasingly demanding business environment. Further our understanding of the variance in local real estate law regarding the residential, investment or commercial transactions bring in-depth knowledge that our investor clients appreciate. Habita can provide a transparent and holistic view of the investment opportunities in the given markets.

Життєвий шанс, розпочати власну Habita франшизу яка працює

Do you want to create your own future within real-estate and do business locally and globally?

Become a franchisee in Habita’s quarter century old chain, you will become a part of the growing family. This will mean a safer and less risky start of your dream on local or international level. A carefully developed and tested concept will evolve over time and you will be part of the team to develop it with other professionals within the system.

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Call +358 10 5855 010 for further information on selling your home, or to request a free property valuation.

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