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Мы поможем вам на каждом этапе сделки с недвижимостью. Для нас успешная продажа недвижимости и довольные клиенты являются делом сердца.

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Оценка имущества

Habita оценивает стоимость вашей недвижимости или квартиры и количество заинтересованных в ней людей - всегда совершенно бесплатно.


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Browse properties for sale and rent. Easily turn on Habita's Property Alert, and you will stay up to date of apartments for sale.

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Карьера в Habita

The duration of an average career at Habita is almost 12 years. A good and encouraging work atmosphere and the support of colleagues help in busy and demanding work.

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Факты и цифры

Почему стоит выбрать Habita

At Habita, we have been selling properties since 1989. With us, you will find experienced and professional brokers for apartment and business premises sales, apartment and business premises rental, as well as sale of businesses. We are one of the most well-known real estate agencies in Finland, and also the largest private real estate agency independent of banks. There are already more than 30 Habita offices outside of Finland. Our goal is to take the Finnish way of doing real estate brokerage all over the world.

We regularly measure the customer satisfaction of each of our offices. Our customers' satisfaction with our services is at a high level, regardless of country or city. Our carefully honed processes guarantee that our customers receive high-quality and professional real estate brokerage regardless of location.

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Statistics +120 000 Продажа недвижимости с 1989 г.
Statistics +350 Специалисты по недвижимости
Statistics +35 Многолетний опыт
Страны +60 Офисы по всему миру

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Бесплатный визит для оценки в мгновение ока

Contact us and we will tell you the value of your property free of charge. At the same time, we search for potential buyers and make a marketing plan to start selling the property. Determining the value of an apartment is always based on data, market information and knowledge of the area. Habita's comprehensive marketing and skilled brokers guarantee that your home will sell.

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Habita's service price list

The price for real estate brokering

The price of real estate brokerage services always depends on the country where the apartment is sold, bought or rented. Real estate practices and laws may also differ, so it is safest to always use a local broker. Check the service price lists for different countries on our branch pages.

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Buying an apartment

Buying an apartment is easy

We are happy to help apartment buyers, for example, by means of a purchase order or by turning on Habita's Property Alert. You will receive information from this automated alert service before anyone else whenever an apartment that meets your criteria has come up for sale. We set up the Property Alert completely free of charge. On the other hand, when you agree on a purchase order with the broker, you have an advantage in the bidding process, because in that case the buyer always pays the commission instead of the seller.

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Selling the apartment

How does the sale of an apartment progress

Our professional representatives prepare a sales plan for the sale of your old home and give a free verbal price estimate of your apartment. If you end up making a sales order with Habita, we can start selling your old home quickly. Habita's representatives will keep you informed throughout the entire sales process, and you don't have to wonder at what stage the sale of your home is. Our service covers everything from photographing your home to questions after the sale.

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Habita Franchising

Could you become a Habita franchise entrepreneur?

As a Habita franchise entrepreneur, you act as the CEO of your own company, and you get the support of Habita's international brand and the proven concept with its processes. On the way to success, you will also be helped by modern IT tools that work in your native language, regularly organized high-level trainings and great international colleagues. Habita uses more than 120 of the most popular international housing portals for housing sales. You can offer all Habita apartments for sale to your customers, regardless of country.

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