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Buy a property in Estonia

We have a comprehensive register of properties both locally and globally, and add daily new homes. You will get a representative who will present you with the best mix of potential homes and arrange the viewings. He will also help in many other aspects of the housing trade.

Real Estete Agent Estonia

Selling a home is for many the largest and most important transaction in the life. Our experienced and trained professionals will help you in all aspects. First we'll ensure that your property will be promptly in the local and international markets - and not stuck in bureaucracy. The representative is personally responsible for all matters related to the sale of your property. In addition, the entire staff makes seamless cooperation: your property will be listed in Habita's internal sales list, and each representative will promote the sale of your property.

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Offices in Estonia

Habita Tallinn

Habita Tallinn

Kloostrimetsa tee 56a
11913 Tallinn

Service fees

When we sign a representation contract with you, we take care of everything from start to finish. You do not need to worry about remembering things, this is our everyday work and we have done this for decades. Our fee structure is completely transparent and we have no hidden fees. As an example, we charge official papers without any added processing costs.


Brokerage commissions

Brokerage commission seller, property 4,56% (inc. VAT) min. 2.200 €
Brokerage commission buyer, share in housing co-operative 3,6% (inc. VAT) min. 1200 €
Brokerage commission seller, property 4,56% (inc. VAT) min. 2.200 €
Brokerage commission seller, share in housing co-operative 4,56% (inc. VAT) min. 2.200 €

Other fees

Rental fee 1 month`s rent + VAT
Other fees Rental property managmenet service - 1 month`s rent + VAT

The fee is calculated from the debt-free price. Legal document costs will be charged separately.