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Habita franchise

Dreaming of your own company? Start a successful career as a Habita franchisee

Become a Habita franchise entrepreneur and join our growing international family. Come develop and shine together with the best real estate professionals - with the best training - in the business.

Joining the Habita community guarantees you a safer and risk-free start to your dream. Whether you want to focus on real estate brokerage in Finland or abroad, our carefully developed and tested common operating method is always there for you. Our common way of working has made us the largest independent real estate agency in Finland.


Habita franchise

What is franchise entrepreneurship?

As a franchise entrepreneur, you own your own company, but you commit to the concept offered by Habita. Franchising is based on the fact that, for an agreed fee, we offer you the opportunity to create a successful real estate brokerage business using an operating model that has already been proven to work. Habita seeks strong growth through franchising, offering those who dream of becoming entrepreneurs an easy way to work as entrepreneurs in real estate brokerage.

We operate with the Habita concept, regardless of region or country. We want to offer our customers a familiar, safe and Finnish way of buying and selling properties, regardless of the location of the office. We have been doing real estate brokerage for over 30 years and we know exactly what works. We have also made mistakes and learned from them.

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Habita franchise

What Habita’s franchise concept offers?

Habita’s way of doing real estate brokerage was not born instantaneously, but has been shaped over the years. We can say with conviction based on experience, that our concept is the clearest and most functional for both the buyer and the seller of the apartment. As a result, high customer satisfaction has been reached year after year.

If you have been working in the real estate brokerage industry for a long time, you may have to modify your own way of thinking. However, don’t panic, we will offer you the best tools in the industry and a working community to help you succeed.

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Habita franchise

Modern tools for daily work

With us, you get access to a top-level enterprise resource planning system. With it, you guide your employees to reach their best possible level from the very first day. With the help of the system, all properties brokered by your agency can be marketed locally, nationally and internationally in all Habita countries. The item for sale is listed on up to 120 portals. You can also sell real estate to your customers from all over our network, and you always get your share of the commission.

Best of all, your language doesn’t make any difference! The system works in several different languages ​​and you can, for example, print an apartment brochure for the customer in their own native language.


Habita franchise

Fine-tuned processes

Habita has carefully planned processes that focus on the customer. When you do things correctly and in the right order, you don’t have to rely on luck when selling a home. Habita’s processes include:

  • Customer process
  • Assignment process
  • Sales process
  • Training process

When you follow these processes that are explained in our franchise training, you cannot fail.


Habita franchise

Guidelines for franchising

To help you with your daily activities, you have Habita’s entrepreneur’s guide, where you can find general instructions for using the Habita brand as well as other instructions that come with the concept. Clear instructions will help you in everyday life at the office and in marketing.


Habita franchise

Initial training and regular follow-up training

As a new entrepreneur, we will organize initial training for you. You can use the lessons learned at the training for your own staff. You also get to participate in regular follow-up training as well as franchise workshops organized once a year. The training can be done either remotely or on-site in your own office, or at Habita’s headquarters in Helsinki.

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Habita franchise

Continuous support

Of course, after the training, you won’t be left on your own. You will have constant support at your disposal. You can always call or send an email. If necessary, we can hold remote or on-site trainings.


Habita franchise

International team and great colleagues

Habita is an international Finnish real estate agency. Your property may be for sale in Finland, but the buyer may come from, for example, Africa. And vice versa, you can offer your customers properties all over the world.

You can always ask for advice and opinions from any Habita colleague. You have the support of a network of 300 professionals around the world. You can get to know all the Habita people at the joint parties organized once a year.

Habita franchise

Habita values

For us, Habita’s values are principles according to which we work and manage our offices. Values guide us, for example, when facing customers or working in a team with a colleague. Habita’s values have been chosen in the way that they reflect us the best, and we are committed to these values.


Team work

Although real estate agents compete with colleagues for sales results, it does not mean that you have to do the sales transaction alone. At Habita, even challenging issues and situations are solved together. You don’t have to stay alone with challenges, but together we get results that also please the customer.

Desire to grow

Habita has a strong desire to grow as a company, but its employees also have a desire to grow and develop. Habita has its own training program for real estate agents, supervisors and entrepreneurs. Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran, there’s always an opportunity to learn something new and develop yourself.


We do sales work with a big heart and we want to achieve results. We move forward purposefully and commit to agreed tasks.

Customer focus

We are in the customer service industry and thatis also reflected in our daily operations. We handle things with honor to the finish line. We always keep the customer informed during the sale and purchase process. We don’t forget the customer even after the deals.


The customer can rely on us selling with good brokerage practices. You can trust us when buying a home in any situation.


We have no hidden costs or fine print in contracts. We tell everything openly and clearly, avoiding misunderstanding. From us, the customer gets a direct answer to all questions. This also applies to everyday supervisory work.


We talk about things directly and clearly. We can say and justify things as they are.

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Habita franchise

What we expect from you as a franchise entrepreneur

It doesn’t matter to us what kind of work background you have. You can be new to the industry or a seasoned pro. If you follow our concept, you are sure to succeed. However, certain character traits help in entrepreneurship. The desire to succeed, a sense of purpose and a focus on results are key qualities in both sales work and entrepreneurship. We also value teamwork and helping others. You can often achieve more as a team than alone. Straightforwardness and clear communication with customers and your own team reduces the risk of being misunderstood. As long as you remember humour and the fact that you don’t have to take everything so seriously, you’ll definitely be fine.

Make an action plan

Before you start, it’s a good idea to make an action plan, we’ll help you with it. The plan should open up the area’s housing market and what kind of position Habita would have in the area. Who would be your customers, what is your budget and where do you get your listings. We can think about all of these questions together.


Frequently asked questions

What is the average income of an entrepreneur?

The salary of a franchise entrepreneur depends on you. The average salary is between 5,000 and 50,000 euros per month.

How big does the initial capital need to be?

You need 5,000–30,000 euros as starting capital.

How long does the franchise entrepreneur application process take?

The Habita franchise entrepreneur application process takes about two months.

Do we help in obtaining initial capital?

You need to take care of the initial capital yourself.

Can we help you find a location?

We help you find a location suitable for your company. The best office location is a corner location at street level along a busy road.

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Habita franchise

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