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Selling the property

Habita’s Real Estate Agents and sales representatives will sell your apartment professionally and by listening to the seller. Ask us for a free apartment price estimate. At the same time, we will also make a marketing plan to sell the apartment. Call or come by and we’ll get your housing issues in order.

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Why are people particularly satisfied with Habita?

Determining the optimal sales price has a decisive influence on both the sales time and the realized selling price. That's why we carefully analyze the local market and all relevant variables that can increase or decrease the realized sales price.

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Sell with Habita

Free valuation visit, in the blink of an eye

As part of our drive to satisfaction, we guarantee that the terms of sale and the completion of the transaction comply with every legal clause and good brokerage practice down to the last detail. We also invest in accessibility. First of all, so that each of our sales targets reaches potential buyers with the help of marketing and our agency network. And secondly, accessibility means that our brokers are constantly reachable – even after trades.

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This is how the sale of an apartment or house progresses

Happy couple

This is how the sale of an apartment proceeds

Need to sell the apartment

Selling an apartment is one of life’s big decisions. Selling an apartment is safe and easy using an expert real estate agent. The broker oversees the interests of both the seller and the buyer and handles and takes care of all matters related to sales and transactions.

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Selling price of the apartment

Request a free valuation

Apartment prices vary depending on the location, the condition of the apartment and the house, as well as the market situation. From Habita, you can get a more accurate valuation of your apartment free of charge. Determining the value of an apartment is always based on data, the market situation and the real estate agent's local knowledge. Fill out the form on our website or call us and we will tell you the value of your apartment.

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Apartment sales contract

Agreement on the sale of an apartment

When you choose a real estate agent from Habita to sell your apartment, the contract is always made in writing. The contract details the details of the property to be sold and agrees on the brokerage fee and the selling price at which the property will be sold.


Selling a property

Selling a property on Habita

A separate sales plan is prepared for each apartment with the seller, with the aim of finding the best possible buyer at the best possible market price. Before the actual public sale can begin, all the documents for the property to be sold are collected and the apartment is photographed. Potential buyers must have all information about the property before making an offer. Only when all the documents have been received will we start preparing the sales brochure for the apartment.

The apartment for sale on Habita first goes to the so-called silent sale, where the customers of Habita's Property Alert service are the first to know about the property for sale. After this, the item goes to Habita's homepage and more than 120 global market portals. Habita also uses social media to market its properties for sale. Of course, the apartment is also sold with apartment viewings, which are either public or private apartment displays.

Signing papers

Apartment sale offer

Accepting the sale offer of the apartment

When the buyer wants to make an offer for the property, it is always made in writing. Habita's broker negotiates with the buyer on behalf of the seller about the purchase offer, and tries to reach the best possible price for the seller through negotiations. A written purchase offer creates security for both parties to the transaction. The offer is also accepted in writing. Habita's real estate agent manages and supervises all matters related to the transaction. After a successful transaction, you can just concentrate on packing the removal boxes.

This is how the sale of your apartment starts

  1. Fill out the form below and we will arrange a meeting.
  2. Our agent will contact you without delay and arrange a valuation visit at a time that suits you.
  3. We prepare a sales plan for the appraisal visit, so that we can start selling the property at your earliest convenience.

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