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Maija International Software real estate software is an easy-to-use software for real estate agents and construction companies. It was made to facilitate the sale of properties, increase sales volumes. brings real estate agents, construction companies, sellers, buyers, and properties together. For a reasonable monthly fee, you get access to international and local real estate listing portals, a network of real estate professionals and a real estate software that makes your daily work more efficient and productive.

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Real estate crm

Real estate crm to do your work and run your office more efficiently. You have all the best features of real estate crm. | real estate crm

Real estate leads

The leads from various sources come straight to you. They don’t go through any customer service centre. In order to guarantee the best customer service, we don't want to push the customer from one person to another. Every contact is completely your prospect. | real estate leads

Real estate marketing

Get your property for sale on more than 120 real estate listing portals, get your own Google-optimized website and do your own marketing based on Maija's reports. | real estate marketing

Real estate software

Get your properties to international and local markets

As a Maija real estate software user, you automatically have access to more than 120 housing listing portals. Popular real estate listing portals are constantly being added to Maija's housing listing portal selection. Both local and international portals are used. In addition, Maija users have their own broker page, country page and company page where the properties for sale are displayed. Both the broker's own page and all listing portals have agents own direct contact information, so that potential buyers can contact the broker of the property directly.

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Software for real estate agents

Thousands of properties you can sell

By using Maija real estate software, you can offer your customers every property in Maija. You can also use all Maija's properties in your own marketing. The sales commission is split in half with the listings own broker. Offer your customers properties from another country and cooperate with the local, reliable broker. Customer can have sales documents in own language, as Maija can be used in more than 50 different languages.

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Real estate software is easy to set up and use

Start using Maija easily for yourself or your company by subscribing at Pricing is based on the number of real estate listing portals you use, the number of properties for sale and the usage period. You can try Maija for a month and cancel it at the end of the month. The usage period ends automatically if you do not want to continue using Maija. There are automatically more than 120 portals and, if you need additional portals, you can add more portals to the package. Once you've chosen a suitable package, you'll get to the payment stage, after which all Maija's features will be available to you.

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Software for construction companies

Benefits for construction companies

Maija is also a software for construction companies, and it includes a lot of useful features for developers to use in marketing and sales. First of all, adding projects to Maija is super easy and all editing of properties after adding them works conveniently. You can easily keep the brokers using Maija updated of price changes and other changes of properties and projects. You can download all the needed documents for the brokers to use in sales. Through Maija, you get visibility for your new properties both locally and internationally. The sales force of all brokers using Maija guarantees that you will get your properties sold.

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Real estate software

Software for real estate agents, agencies, and construction companies

With the help of Maija real estate software, you make your own work easier and more efficient and manage your office more efficiently. Maija's features include, among other things:

  • customer contact management
  • listings management and lead tracking
  • marketing campaign management
  • billing and document management
  • payroll management
  • training and support
  • reporting
  •  agent, company and country webpage
  • continuous IT development
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Maija International Software

Maija real estate software is a global platform

Maija's goal is to expand to serve every user, regardless of country. It has already been translated into several different languages and new language versions are constantly being added. The goal is to:

  • do the best international and local real estate brokerage
  • give everyone the opportunity to market their properties properly
  • collaborate to create more business for all users.