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Privacy Policy

This policy is a privacy policy of Habita International Estates Oy LTD and in compliant with the Personal Data Act (Sections 10 and 24) and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


Habita International Estates Oy
Elimäenkatu 17-19, FI-00510 Helsinki, Finland

The register is maintained by companies belonging in the same Group as Habita International Estates.

Person responsible for issues related to the privacy policy

Thomas Olin Email:

Purpose of personal data processing

Personal data is processed in connection with managing customer contacts, dealings, development of services, reporting, marketing and other procedures related to managing customer relations. Regarding the processing of personal data, a Customer means the counterparty of a brokerage commission, and someone who has provided the Habita Group with their personal data for other reasons.

Information content of the register

Basic customer data
Customer’s first name and last name, address information, )phone number, e-mail address, native language.

Transaction data
Transaction data and customer data, which are created when a customer commissions Habita International Estates Oy or a company belonging to the same Group at the time, is a party in a transaction or another contract related to a commission managed by the above mentioned company or Group, or otherwise specifically gives basic data to the company, for example, as part of campaigns organised by the company.

Statutory sources of information

Data provided by the customer, customer transaction data with the Habita Group, information about marketing permits and refusals.

Information sources and legal basis for data processing

Information sources include the data provided by the customer him/herself itself, data about the customer’s transactions with the Habita Group, data about marketing permissions and prohibitions.

Data is collected and processed under the following grounds.

Contractual relationship or its preparation
Data processing is necessary to implement the service offered to the customer.

For example, direct marketing requires the consent of the customer.

Statutory obligation
For example, obligations related to taxation or prevention of money laundering.

Rights of the Controller and third parties
Data is disclosed to other parties of the customer relationship. Data is disclosed to the sales price monitoring service of the Central Federation of Finnish Real Estate Agencies. The data in the monitoring service is not public.

Right to check, correct and prohibit

The customer has the right to check what data concerning him or her is stored in the register. The request to check must be sent in writing and be signed, to the Controller’s person whom is responsible for registry related matters. Habita will reply to the requests in writing and will deliver send either a copy of the requested data related to the customer or any other relevant information that Habita currently has or doesn’t have about the customer.

The Controller is entitled to charge a reasonable fee for additional copies requested by the customer.

If the customer is aware of errors, the customer can request that the Controller rectifies the error. The customer has the right to forbid the use of his or her information for direct marketing by notifying the Controller.

The customer has the right to request that information concerning him or her is deleted from the register. The request is to be addressed to the person responsible for the Controller’s register.

Data retention period

The data is processed for the duration of the customer relationship and five years after the termination of the contractual relationship or completion of a transaction. After that the data is anonymized or deleted.

Data provided for marketing contacts is retained for 12 months after the last contact. After that the data is anonymized or deleted.

Disclosure of personal data

The customer register data is not disclosed to any third party, unless it is a legal obligation. Nevertheless, data can be disclosed for the above mentioned purpose, when implementing a service by Habita or companies belonging to the same group or cooperation partners so requires, or for matters related to recovery of claims.

Personal data is not transferred outside the EU or EEA, unless it is required for technical processing of data.

Principles of register protection

Personal data is retained as confidential. The information network and hardware of the Controller’s network service operator is appropriately protected from outsiders with firewalls and other technical means of protection.

Right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority

If the customer regards that the Habita Group fails to comply with the data protection legislation, he or she may contact the office of the Data Protection Ombudsman. For further information, see the website of the Data Protection Ombudsman