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We are expanding our activities globally and looking for first timers in the business, experienced sales professionals and sales managers to join us. If you're looking for a dynamic job with growth opportunities and want to ensure yourself a good income, please contact us. Apply by filling in the application online or call us for further details.

We have a strong corporate culture and so called Habita-way of working. We believe in cooperation, where each Habita employee contributes to successful real estate transactions. Managers are doing the same work as representatives and have an active presence: available for customers and staff.

We believe that it's essential to learn continuously: we have a unique Habita Training, which has been developed and tailored to the Habita employees - starting from training new representatives to management training.

  • Чітка концепція управління
  • Глобальна функціональна система
  • Постійно розвиваюча система відносин з клієнтами
  • Стимулююча модель заробітної плати
  • Екстенсивні навчальні програми
  • Безкоштовні комплексні послуги в галузі охорони здоров'я
  • Персональна підтримка спортивних заходів
  • Багато спільних розважальних заходів

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