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Alpha Vandi


Habita Licenciado Agente Imobiliário

+232 78 550500

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Habita Freetown

71A Kobba Farm
Freetown Westcoast Real Estate (SL) LTD, Habita Freetown
+232 78 550500
ID Negócio: SL230522WESTC14429

Real Estate Agent in Sierra Leone

A Sierra Leonean native with over 6 years of Administrative and Management Experience with intimate knowledge in the new and innovative way of Real Estate globally offers clients absolute satisfaction for the best outcome for both local and international investors and home buyers through uncompromised integrity.

Buy or Sell a Property in Sierra Leone

Did you know that Habita markets your property in more than 80 countries and does not charge the buyer a fee when the transaction is made?

Well, contact us now to get information and sell or buy Real Estate in more than 30 different countries, and you are guarantted help with the legal and practical matters when selling or buying property in Sierra Leone or Abroad.

Why Sell or Buy a Property with Habita?

Habita is a 33-year-old global operator real estate company specializing in residential, commercial, and property brokerage with a footprint around Europe and also in other parts of the world that is 4 times more likely to sell a property than other brokers.

Contact now to experience the new and innovative way of Real Estate by buying or selling a property globally.

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