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Habita Deutschland

We are expanding our activities globally and looking for first timers in the business, experienced sales professionals and sales managers to join us. If you're looking for a dynamic job with growth opportunities and want to ensure yourself a good income, please contact us.

Informação de contato

Sebastian-Kneipp-Str. 41
60439 Frankfurt

Puh. +49 6633 23135999 *

Habita International Estates Ltd., Habita Deutschland
ID de Negócios: 0758223-4


Jari Gardziella
Swedish Finnish English German

Jari Gardziella

Chairman of the board

Qualificação imobiliária finlandesa

+35850 420 0000
+358 50 420 0000

Jens Herzog
German Finnish English

Jens Herzog

Gerente regional

+496 6332313599
+358 40777 8383

Martin Möller
German English

Martin Möller

Representante de vendas

+358 400299219

Mikael Helle
Swedish German Finnish English

Mikael Helle

Senior advisor

040 1516 717
+358 40 1516 717

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