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Habita Komuna

Our real estate professionals are happy to assist you in selling, buying or renting a property.


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A big deal, we make it easy for you.

Our real estate agents serve you professionally in all housing matters. Buy, sell or rent, ask us for a competitive and free price estimate. We serve you personally and with confidence. The international cooperation of Habita's offices covers both domestic and foreign destinations

Contact information

Rruga Tish Daija Sh 7
1019 Tiranë

+355 6760 08899

Partner Estate, Habita Komuna
Business ID: M31620044L

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Service fees

Brokerage commissions

Brokerage commission seller, property 3%
Brokerage commission buyer, property 1%

The fee is calculated from the debt-free price. Legal document costs will be charged separately.