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Habita International

Become a franchisee in Habita’s quarter century old chain, you will become a part of the growing family. This will mean a safer and less risky start of your dream on local or international level. A carefully developed and tested concept will evolve over time and you will be part of the team to develop it with other professionals within the system.

Information de contacto

Pakilantie 46-48
00660 Helsinki

Puh. +358 50 420 0000 *

Habita International Estates Oy Ltd, Habita International
N° de identificación de empresa: 0758223-4


Jari Gardziella
Finnish English German Swedish

Jari Gardziella

Chairman of the board

API en Finlandia

+35850 420 0000
+358 50 420 0000

Thomas Olin
English Finnish Swedish Norwegian

Thomas Olin

Director de ventas

API en Finlandia

050 420 0700
+358 50 420 0700

Anne-Mari Kuulasvuo
Finnish English Russian

Anne-Mari Kuulasvuo

Chief financial officer

050 420 0002
+358 50 420 0002

Call +358 10 5855 010 for further information on selling your home, or to request a free property valuation.

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